Linksys Extender Setup – Pro Tips


Linksys extender are also used to call Cisco extenders, which are used by domestic users.

For many first-time users of Linksys extender, it is inevitable to be confused about the extender line connection installation and settings. But the following article can guide you with how to set up the Linksys wireless extender you just bought; just cling to this post.

Installation Tips

Linksys extender installation is the same as other brands of wireless extender installation, mainly need to connect the modem and Linksys wireless extender through the network cable as required. Before installing the Linksys extender, let’s first understand the following Linksys extender interfaces.

Linksys extenders usually include a WAN port, multiple LAN ports, reset buttons, and power interfaces. The newer Linksys extenders also feature a USB expansion interface that can be used to connect to an extended USB stick. The Linksys extender’s WAN port is used to connect to the external network cable, and the LAN port is used to connect to the computer for Linksys Wi-Fi Extender Login.

If it is an ADSL dial-up modem, the external network cable is first plugged into the modem, and then the other interface is connected to the Linksys extender WAN port by a network cable, and the LAN port is connected to the computer by a network cable. In addition, if it is fiber or cell broadband, there is no cat device, and then the external network cable can be directly inserted into the WAN port of the Linksys extender, and the others connection remains the same.

Configuring Linksys Extender

Step 1: After installing the Linksys extender, turn on the power of each device, turn on the computer, then open the browser in the computer, then enter the default login address of the Linksys extender, press Enter (Enter) to open, then The Linksys extender login screen – Linksys  will pop up.

The new Linksys wireless extender sets the default login username and password to be lowercase admin. After inputting, click “OK” at the bottom to enter the Linksys wireless extender settings.

Step 2: After entering the Linksys wireless extender setting interface, the first thing to see is the Internet basic setting interface. Here you can directly set the extender. In the PPPOE setting interface, enter the online account and password provided by the network provider. Click on the completion button. Save all the settings be tapping on the “Save Settings” button given below.

Step 3: After saving the basic settings of the Linksys Extender Setup , click “Wireless Settings” on the navigation bar, and then set a Wi-Fi wireless network name in the wireless Wi-Fi encryption settings. This name can be changed by default or modified after using the mobile phone to join the wireless device; you can search for the name of the Wi-Fi wireless network, set/modify the Wi-Fi name, and click the “Save Settings” at the bottom.

Step 4: Then click on the “Security Settings” under the top navigation bar wireless settings. Here is mainly to set the Wi-Fi wireless password. In order to prevent the network from being surrounded by peripheral users, the wireless password is preferably set to be more complicated. In this step setting, it is best to set the security mode to WPA-PSK2.

Helpful Tip: In order to prevent the network from being attacked and affecting the network speed and security, it is strongly recommended that you set this password. To be more complicated, such as password@, such a strong password can prevent the net from being smashed. Once you’re done, don’t forget to click “Save Settings” at the bottom.

Congrats, your Linksys wireless extender is set here, we have completed the Internet settings and wireless settings, you are free to open the browser and check the status of Linksys extender. In addition, nearby wireless devices such as smart phones, tablets and notebooks can also be connected to the wireless network by simply clicking the network name in the Wi-Fi manager, and entering the Wi-Fi password that you set.

Linksys Extender Setup – Pro Tips
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