linksys extender setup is the default web address meant for Linksys WiFi range extenders. It helps you in completing the extender setup process with great ease. All you have to do is simply open a web browser on a computer connected to a reliable and fast internet connection. After that, type in the address bar at the very top-left side of the browser window. Doing so will take you to the default Linksys extender login page which asks you for username and password. Enter the correct login credentials to proceed further. Once done, it will show you on-screen instructions to follow. Just go through them and set up your Linksys extender properly. If you come across any type of error, feel free to get in touch with our experts at 1-844-748-5637.


Linksys is an automated configuration page for Linksys Extender Login. This web page provides a step-by-step guide for Linksys Extender Setup. To access, there is a need to connect the computer to extender as well as a reliable internet connection. It is not an internet website where you have to enter data. Instead, is a local web address which directly redirects you to Linksys Extender Setup page. Here, you must enter username and password to get a full login access to extender Linksys.

In case Linksys Extender Router Login page doesn’t open, it means that the extender is not configured accurately. To do so, connect the extender to router properly either using a cable or a wireless connection. Ensure that Linksys Extender is getting uninterrupted power supply. Now, you can easily access extender.linksys page for login.


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Linksys Extender Setup: Common issues faced by users

  • Unable to install Linksys wireless router
  • Cannot change wireless settings of router
  • Linksys Router Setup issues
  • Not able to connect to internet
  • Problems with Linksys Extender Setup
  • Router is not connecting to internet
  • Firewall issues with extender
  • not working
  • Intermittent wireless connection
  • Cannot find default username and password for Linksys Extender
  • Issues while connecting to multiple devices
  • Forget extender.linksys password
  • Computer is not connecting to Linksys Extender
  • Range extender is not connected
  • Unable to access Linksys Extender Login page

Stuck with one of the aforementioned issues? Get in touch with our knowledgeable experts’ team by dialing our toll-free number 1-844-748-5637. Our technicians will troubleshoot all your technical problems in such a manner that you feel like sitting next to them.

Setup Range Extender

How to use Site Survey?

Site Survey is a very useful feature of Extender Linksys which provides a snapshot of all neighboring routers and access points within the extender’s range. In this way, you can create a secure wireless network. Here are the steps to use Site Survey:

  • Put the range extender on power.
  • Open a browser window on computer.
  • Type in the address bar.
  • Once you press Enter key, Linksys Extender Login page will open.
  • Click on Site Survey option.
  • A new page along with different options will display.
  • Select – To connect to a wireless network.
  • Signal Strength – Indicates the relative position of nearby access points.
  • SSID – Shows the name of neighboring WiFi networks.
  • Security – Displays the security mode used by neighboring routers.
  • GHz – The radio band of neighboring devices can be seen in GHz section.

In order to connect Linksys Extender to a router or access point, enter the passphrase and click connect button. Once done, reboot the extender Linksys.

Cannot Connect to Linksys Extender

Whenever users type extender.linksys in a web browser and hit enter key, an error popup appears telling ‘You are not connected to range extender’. This happens because of wrong extender configuration. So, there is a need to re-configure Linksys WiFi Range Extender.

After configuring the extender properly, use an Ethernet cable to connect Linksys Extender with router. Then, go for Linksys Setup Extender process. If you still cannot connect to Linksys Extender, feel free to contact our technicians via a phone call on 1-844-748-5637 or online chat. Our experts possess years of experience and aim to fix the problem instantly.

Connecting with Range Extender’s PIN

Another way to connect Linksys Extender is to use the Setup PIN that can be found on back or bottom side of the extender. All you have to do is simply open WiFi Protected Setup page on web browser and enter the PIN in given box. Once done, click on Ok button. After a couple of minutes, Linksys Extender Setup page will be available on computer screen.

Check the connectivity for Linksys Extender using Ping Command

As soon as Linksys Extender Setup has been configured accurately, perform a connectivity test using Ping command. Basically, Ping is a computer network admin utility which is meant to test connectivity through IP address or a particular web address. Use Linksys for checking connectivity. Walk through the instructions given below to test extender connectivity:

  • Turn on the computer and click on search icon.
  • Enter command prompt in the search field and press enter key.
  • When the command prompt opens, type ping followed by the web address.
  • Once done, hit enter key.

If there are a number of positive responses, it means that Linksys Extender Setup has been done successfully. If not, call our professionals on toll-free 1-844-748-5637 and set up the extender with ease.

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